Stevenski Brewster Maximalist Painter Is The Founder Of SBDW, Inc.



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SBDW Camouflage Umbrella is designed to be rugged, in a small package. The canopy is formed by eight arms, that fold up nicely, to make the high-quality umbrella as small as possible. The compact umbrella will fit perfectly in your purse or backpack, and because of the light weight, you won’t even feel that you are carrying it around. Unlike other umbrellas, the SBDW travel umbrella has been built to withstand stronger winds. In any storm, one of the main issue with umbrellas is that their canopy can reverse in case of direct wind. The SBDW black travel umbrella will be resist the wind, so that you can walk with no worries through a thunderstorm or drizzle. To open the SBDW umbrella, all you have to do is to press a button. The auto open close umbrella feature will ensure that you can handle the process with just one hand, and to assure that you will have a comfortable usage, the ergonomic grip will fit any hand sizes. Even if your hands are wet, the rubber handle will not slip from your hands.

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