Why You Shouldn’t Use Cloth Oven Mitts for Grilling

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cloth Oven Mitts for Grilling

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In life, there are influential moments that can change your course. Moments that, at the time, don’t feel like a critical decision. After reflection though, history judges that moment as one that had an impact. Decisions get made every day and those decisions take that life on a new path. When it comes to grilling, no longer allow yourself to wander through the wilderness, alone and without purpose. Take a new direction when you venture into the backyard to face the eternal challenge of mastery over fire and food.

Not for the timid, grilling challenges the senses, the physical body, and determination of all who embark. Remember the day you embraced destiny and forged ahead into the grilling world with armaments for your hands against the raging inferno of the backyard! Cast aside any flimsy protection made from cloth and choose battle defenses that will protect you from the flame that burns eternal in the grill of destiny.

Every griller knows the proper tools are required for a successful odyssey in this rite of passage, and cloth oven mitts are the past. Silicone gloves for grilling are the future, and it’s time to start living there. Don’t get tossed into the bin of history because you held on to the past for too long. Below, we explain why silicone grill gloves are better than cloth oven mitts.


Decreased Dexterity

Let’s face it, an oven mitt is just that, a mitt. Wearing an oven mitt turns four fingers and a thumb into one giant finger and thumb. The design limits your ability to grab utensils, food, the lid to the grill—everything. Mittens are made for children because they can’t get their fingers into a glove easily. Welcome to being an adult, here are your gloves. A glove increases your dexterity while you cook in ways that an oven mitt can’t because you have all five fingers at your disposal. You want to have a solid grip on the grates and tongs, so you don’t drop them. Dropping a hot grate or spit will increase the chance that you will get burned while it bounces around on the ground.


Mitts Can’t Handle as Much Heat

Grilling and smoking foods outside is a long, hot process that involves wood, metal, and fire. Those ingredients put together almost guarantee that you will get burned at some point. Temperatures on a grill or smoker can reach up to 500 degrees. The grates, lids, and handles get extremely hot, and it isn’t a good idea to touch anything without a glove that can take the heat and keep you from getting burned. A silicone glove keeps the heat off your hand at higher temperatures and for a longer period of time than a common oven mitt. In the event you forget the tongs in the house and need to turn your brisket, silicone gloves allow you to grab the food and turn it.

Keeping your fire at an even temperature is key to making good food. Logs and charcoal can burn unevenly and need to be turned so they burn at the same rate. Gloves will allow you to grab that burning log and turn it over quickly, so you don’t lose any more heat than necessary.


Silicone is a Synthetic Polymer

Silicone rubber was developed around 1940 in the search for better insulating materials for electric motors and generators. The Dow corporation was the first to make silicone and quickly realized how versatile it was and that it could be used for many applications. One of the great things about silicone being a synthetic polymer is the different properties it has. Not only can it withstand high temperatures and protect the wearer, it is a nonstick substance. The nonstick property means you can handle the food you are cooking without the fear of anything sticking to the glove. You can also wash it the same way you would wash your hands. Leave the gloves on and use soap and water to clean them. This is also good for safety and contamination. Being able to wash the gloves after every use will kill any bacteria that may grow and killing bacteria will prevent food borne illnesses from contaminating your food.


Mitts Only Come in One Size

Oven mitts come in one size—huge. They’re made oversized because they have to be “one size fits all”.  That approach isn’t so good, though, if you have tiny hands and slender fingers. Because they come oversized, an oven mitt is basically the same as a baseball mitt; cumbersome and bulky. Silicone gloves come in a variety of sizes, so you can find one that fits your hand. Proper sized gloves will fit better, improve dexterity, and keep you from dropping food and tools. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can find ones that fit your other grilling gear. They’re also available it fairly bright colors, so you’ll never misplace them.


Oven Mitts are Outdated Tech

Quilted cloth oven mitts are just old fashioned. Saying those words conjures up images of a kindly old, white haired grandma in the kitchen making pies and cookies. Her oven mitts are ever present next to the stove, ready to be slowly pulled on when the timer dings. Those are nice, heartwarming images about a simpler time when the world made sense in grandma’s kitchen. Heat resistant gloves for cooking, however, represent the future traveling at the speed of light on a rocket ship fueled by rich, smoky, grilled treats. Grab a hold of the after burners and speed into deep space with gloves designed by scientists! It’s time to live in the future. Grilling is great, and everyone knows it, but leave the past behind and start grilling in the future. Your future should include, of course, grilling for every major holiday and sporting event you possibly can. Don’t limit yourself to holidays though. The HPBA says that when they surveyed consumers, “Beyond holidays, 49% barbecued for birthday parties, 24% on a camping trip, 21% at a vacation home party, and 11% during tailgating activities for a sporting event.” That’s a lot of grilling and a lot of opportunities to burn your hands. Make sure you have some space-aged gloves and spare your hands.


The great New York Yankee and Hall of Fame baseball player Yogi Berra said, ‘I never blame myself when I’m not hitting. I just blame the bat and if it keeps up, I change bats. After all, if I know it isn’t my fault that I’m not hitting, how can I get mad at myself?” That’s a good point there. If you keep burning your hands while grilling, don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault. Blame your tools. It is obvious you’re using inferior hand protection, and that’s why you get burned. Get better tools and don’t get burned.

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