Outdoor Grilling Safety Tips

There does not have to be a reason to fire up the grill, because firing up the grill is all the reason you need. Grilling has become the centerpiece from so many of our meals—weekend dinners, family get-togethers, big games, and graduations. With so many reasons to use the grill, SBDW is here to help make sure every celebration is a safe one. Here are a few outdoor grilling safety tips to stay safe while grilling.

It is best to always grill outdoors and at a safe distance from structures.

Even the best grill master can make a mistake, so keeping a safe distance from buildings is just an extra step to ensure the protection of yourself and those around you.

Use the proper tools and protection when grilling.

Every chef has special BBQ grilling tips, tricks, and secrets that make their barbeque stand out from the rest; however, safety should always come first. SBDW Inc.’s Heat Resistant BBQ Cooking Gloves are the perfect tool to help protect you from burns and other fire-related injuries. Our gloves are great for starting the grill up, handling hot food, and using hot cooking utensils and containers. Read more about our BBQ Cooking Glove Kits.

Be safe and have fun!

Often time in the midst of the festivities, grillers can forget how dangerous fire can be. To ensure that you’re always prepared, here are a few more safety tips and tricks.

  1. Keep sand or baking soda near your grilling area in case of a grease fire. Never use water to attack a grease fire.
  2. Have a fire extinguisher on hand for all other types of fire.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the grill.
  4. Always use fire-resistant gloves—in the panic of a fire people can often forget to use proper protection to put out a fire.

SBDW hopes our outdoor grilling safety tips remain with you for years to come.